Supported Living

We provide domiciliary care and support for people with learning disabilities and other complex and specialists needs. The term supported living is used to refer to support delivered to people who have their own tenancy and who may live in a shared house with others or in their own flat.

There are many housing providers and private landlords, social housing and housing associations, who provide housing and in some cases housing-related support to people who want and need a supported living accommodation.

People choosing to live in a supported living accommodation will have the choice of who provides their care and support.

It is the choices that The Care Division can give you that we hope will make you want to choose us.

With us, you have the choice of:

Where you want to live, and who you live with: We will make introductions to the land lords that may have suitable accommodation. We can support people to have a choice about where they live and whether this is shared house or their own flat. We will help you consider compatibility with others, supporting a compatibility assessment and identify the pros and cons of shared living and being on your own.

What support you need: We will complete a comprehensive assessment of need. We will work with you to identify your needs, wants, aspirations and goals, positive risk taking and the outcomes you want.

When you need the support: We will work with you to decide what time the support is needed and how this fits with your needs, the goals you want to achieve and the building of your skills and independence.

Who delivers that support: We will support you to select your own staff. You can be part of the recruitment team, you can interview write questions and meet and great your staff and after a shadow shift. You have an opinion about the "match" of the staff skills and abilities to support you.

We ensure that each individual has a package of support that is tailored to meet their specific wants, needs, and requirements and we deliver this to support you to have every opportunity to meet your goals.