Support with Money

As a support provider it is vital that we do all we can to make sure that our clients have financial freedom but that their funds are safe, well-managed, and that they are not exploited. To help in these aims we have worked with the DotComUnity Centres membership organisation to establish a Managed Account, now operating in association with Oblong Cards.

Three of our clients 'Keith, Anthony and Simon' who share a house and are supported by The Care Division, now have their own Accounts for the first time in their lives, with all of their Direct Payments paid directly to them, rather than being looked after for them by the Local Authority.

This has given the three gentlemen access to their funds, with the use of pre-paid cards, at any time of day or night. All their transactions are monitored by us on-line in real time, and can also be accessed for monitoring or auditing by their Appointees in the Local Authority, whenever they choose.

They have a separate household account where Standing Orders are made to utility companies and housing providers and from which the weekly shopping is paid. In addition they have their own cards for individual spending, which are pre-loaded with their authority and our support, giving clients spending ability and cash availability within limits agreed to meet their needs.

Our clients have control of their own money, do you?

To find out how the DotComUnity Centres Managed Account can work for you, contact us now.