Support in the Community

"Jermaine's Story"

What next for people with learning disabilities who have moved into their own accommodation and now have their days to fill? Part of our role as Jermaine's care and support provider is to support her to make her flat her home, to become increasingly self-reliant and to become a part of her local community. Taking part in new activities and making new friends is something that comes easily to some of us, but is a challenge for many of our clients. Jermaine is beginning to build relationships. She now has a part-time job; something she thought was a dream only a short time ago. This is her story.

"Elaine's story"

When Elaine moved into her own home in August 2009 her healthcare professionals were concerned that she may be too "institutionalised" and would struggle to cope with a new environment and the wider world. With little concept of how to look after her own personal needs, let alone cook, clean or access the community, she faced many challenges. With the support of The Care Division, taking things one step at a time and setting small, deliverable goals along the way, Elaine's lifestyle and well-being have undergone an extraordinary transformation. This video doesn't set out to show the scale of the outcomes achieved, but instead shows a happy and vibrant woman leading the sort of life that many thought would be utterly impossible for her to live.