Direct Payments for Care

If you, or someone that you are responsible for, has been assessed as having a need for support that will be funded through Social Services, then you will be entitled to receive what is now termed as "Direct Payments", allowing you to take control of how the money allocated to you is spent. Care organisations like ours are equipped to accept these Direct Payments and would be very happy to work with you to establish the most effective way of looking after your own specific needs.

What does it mean? How does it work?

Instead of the Local Authority arranging and making payments for the services required, they make an equivalent cash payment directly to the individual, to enable them to organise the services themselves.

Such payments can be made to those aged 16 or over with care needs, to people with parental responsibility for children in need of care, and to carers aged 16 or over in respect of carer services.

The purpose of these Direct Payments is to give the individual greater control over their own life by providing an alternative to the social care services provided by the local council. It is hoped that a financial payment of this sort will give them the flexibility to look beyond 'off-the-peg' service solutions for certain housing, employment, education and leisure activities as well as for personal assistance to meet their specific needs.

In practice, many recipients of Direct Payments and those in control of their own "Individual Budgets" use some of the funds provided to employ their own Personal Assistants, but because employing carers directly carries many of its own complications, often we are approached as an organisation to provide the care and support.

Why use a care provider like us?

Although it is perfectly possible for individuals to employ their own staff team, the process is far from simple and the peace of mind afforded by using a registered care and support provider is seen by many to be a more practical option.

The recruitment and employment process is often a lengthy one, with the need to: advertise for staff; carry out interviews; reject unsuccessful applicants; make offers to successful ones; undertake references and carry out DBS checks and agree terms and conditions and issue a contract of employment - all before employment commences.

This is followed by : rota management; timesheet management; payroll supervision; holiday pay arrangements and cover; cover for sickness and unforeseen circumstances etc, etc.

The Care Division covers all these areas in its day-to-day functions, but in addition stands in-between our clients and our own staff, enabling any problems or conflicts that may occur from time to time, to be addressed in a professional way.

How can we help?

If you contact us, our Registered Manager will arrange to meet you to explain how the system works and to assess the suitability of our involvement. If deemed appropriate then a comprehensive Care Needs Assessment or Plan of Support will be carried out to look at the level and extent of support that is required. We then discuss the options with you and draw up a suitable plan of care and support, with a detailed costing.

When the client is happy with this plan and the costings, we will offer staff that match the preferences and needs of the client. When the service begins, we then invoice on a weekly basis and can accept payment by standing order, cheque or debit card over the phone.

Once the service is running, a programme of reviews is put in place, along with a procedure for dealing with problems and difficulties that may occur. Staff are supervised on a regular basis and any training needs that become apparent are discussed and addressed at the earliest opportunity.

Providing the right service, at the right time, to meet the client's needs, is essential in working in partnership and building a trusting relationship together.

For further information or to arrange a visit please call us on 01202 724900.