Learning Disability and Mental Health Needs

The term mental health needs covers a wide range of needs and difficulties that someone may have that affects or limits their ability to function day-to-day for a short period of time or throughout their lives. This can cause the individual debilitating anxiety and distress and to live in a dysfunctional way. There are different conditions that people may have, including: anxiety-related, depressive, schizophrenic and personality disorders. If someone is diagnosed with a learning disability and mental health needs they will require more specialist support. People with some cognitive or communication difficulties may find it more challenging to understand their needs, the treatment and the support they require, to manage and support their mental health needs.

We work with experienced health professionals and the circle of support the person has in place in order to understand their mental health needs and their learning disability. We will complete transition visits to get to know the person and the support they need. We ensure that the staff who are selected have the right skill set to support them. Any additional training required is sourced and delivered prior to the package of care commencing. Consistency and reliability is essential to people and when there is a higher complexity of need, we ensure that we work as a team with everyone involved in their care, to get the support right for the individual.

Our role is to ensure we support the person to have the best quality of life, to support individuals to re-build their confidence and skills, lower their anxieties and support them to manage their mental health needs. We will support an individual to find ways of gaining control over their lives and a greater level of independence. We will support the person to reach their goals.

We provide short term and long term support to people to enable individuals to manage their everyday lives and develop coping skills to support them to maintain good mental health.

Following a referral, an assessment is undertaken and a package of care and support is proposed to address the current needs and set goals and outcomes. Details of the support and the cost of this will be provided.

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