Learning Disability Respite Support

Learning disability care is sometimes just about giving a much needed break to the loved ones caring for someone with learning disabilities on a day to day basis.

For everyone providing learning disability care for a child or loved one, getting a break – even for a short while – is vital. This respite support is recognised by local authorities and financial assistance is offered to help with the costs involved.

Over the years, we have supported many families in this position. We can provide shorter periods of respite – from a few hours a week to allow Mum to go shopping, to a day trip with the client to allow the family a little “down-time”. Or more regular periods of time such as weekly day breaks. Or for longer periods of time by either taking the client away on a short break or a longer holiday, or by allowing the rest of the family to go on a break of their own, by taking over the support in the family home.

In all cases we work closely with the family to record a comprehensive plan of support, taking account of routines and specific needs, and in many the cases this becomes a plan that is used to provide a more regular pattern of respite support, spread across the months and year.

For more information on how we can help you and your loved ones with learning disability respite care and support please call our offices on 01202 724900 and tell us that you are looking for Respite Support.