Learning Disabilities

People are described as having learning disabilities primarily if they have intellectual disabilities, cognitive and or communication difficulties. In addition, they may have visual, hearing or physical impairments, or they may have other conditions such as autism, Down's syndrome, fragile X, Rett syndrome or epilepsy and health care needs. People are described as having profound, severe, moderate or mild learning disabilities due to the extent of their intellectual disability and other complex needs.

People with learning disabilities have a whole range of abilities but may require support in their day-to-day lives to achieve their goals. When meeting the person with learning disabilities, we understand they may find a conversation about their needs and wishes difficult. We therefore ensure we know their favoured methods of communication in order to effectively engage with them. We will work with the individual and their circle of support to create the package of support they want and need.

We understand that people will need support in very different ways to meet their needs. They may need some support in communicating their wants and wishes, support in caring for themselves, completing personal care and everyday domestic tasks. They may need support to attend occupational, educational, social or leisure pursuits.

Whatever support the person needs, we ensure the staff are fully trained and equipped with the skills to do an excellent job. They will attend additional training to meet specialist needs and will ensure that they can identify any changing needs and get the right support to meet these. The staff will support the person to have every opportunity to engage in the community, to live the life they want and purse their goals.

Following a referral, an assessment is undertaken and a package of care and support is proposed to address the current needs and set goals and outcomes. Details of the support and the cost of this will be provided.

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