Driving Up Quality Code


The Care Division signed up to the Driving-Up Quality Code and carried out a self assessment process. Overall, we rated ourselves as professional and competent and in My Diary we have an innovative tool to aid how we work with the people we support. As part of the code we also identified particular areas that we want to do more work on. These include:

  • Embedding the quality monitoring process more widely and routinely seek views and comments from the circles of support that surround the clients including family members, advocates, commissioners and our own staff.
  • Identifying the best methods for communicating with each client and improve how we provide information about and within our services
  • Working with our staff to maximize the benefits that using MyDiary affords to the clients and the staff, most notably around demonstrating activities, goals, and achieving outcomes.

MyDiary is a computer system that we developed to be available to all people in their own homes supported on a 24 hour basis. It contains the person's relevant details, individual goals and a support plan. It is designed to be easy to access and read by service users and their circle of support, yet retain necessary confidentiality.

It enables live recording of information about the support provided, activities, incidents, appointments, and the handover of finances and medication. It allows live quality monitoring by service managers, family members and commissioners.

The system of "Stickies" (notifications) promotes communication and ensures that the latest information is available to the staff working directly with each client and that service users and staff can leave feedback about the support delivered. It supports our service to be person-centred at all times.

All of these attributes promote a greater transparency and easier monitoring of the support provided, ensuring greater safeguards for the people we support.