Complex Healthcare

There is a high incidence of physical healthcare needs amongst individuals with learning disabilities and Autism, ABI and other conditions. People may have a variety of complex health needs that require specialist support. These include physical disabilities and needs associated with limited mobility, neurological conditions such as Epilepsy, eating and drinking difficulties such as dysphagia and peg feeding, complex breathing difficulties, difficulties in seeing and hearing and communication needs and other health needs.

We engage with the involved healthcare professionals, including Community Nurses, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists, to ensure we get the support right to enable the person to live as healthy and independent a life as possible. We want to understand what the person needs to ensure their complex health care needs have the most minimal impact on their day-to-day life. We ensure we support a shadowed transition in order that staff work alongside those with the expertise to explain the complex support they require and how to deliver it.

Comprehensive guidelines, support plans and health action plans ensure that staff know what they need to do to keep people well and ensure they maintain good health. We train staff to use the specialist equipment that the person needs to ensure their health and independence.

Staff ensure that they find solutions to enable people to have an excellent quality of life, stay healthy and well with all the opportunities others have, to be an active part of their community. The staff supporting people with complex health needs will look beyond the limits of people's disabilities and will enable them to reach their dreams.

Following a referral, an assessment is undertaken and a package of care and support is proposed to address the current needs and set goals and outcomes. Details of the support and the cost of this will be provided.

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