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Science News » Human Connectome Project Marks its First Phase

Studies based on a database made available by the Human Connectome Project’s first phase reveal that an individual’s brain connectivity can predict his or her behavior.

[Author: Jules Asher]

[NIMH Main Feed] 24-06-2016

Science News » Students Explore the Brain with NIH Scientists

Students explore the brain with NIH scientists in celebration of Brain Awareness Week (March 14-18, 2016).

[Author: NIAAA Press Office]

[NIMH Main Feed] 24-06-2016

An update on changes at the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities

The FPLD's strategic plan, within the Mental Health Foundation, is focussed on ensuring that we are able to contribute to the improvement of wellbeing and good mental health across all sections of society and communities.

[Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities] 06-05-2016

FPLD disappointed with government response to consultation on ‘No voice unheard, no right ignored’

"Sadly the government’s response to No voice unheard, no right ignored does not address the complex issues that were consulted on."

[Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities] 13-11-2015

New plan to close in-patient facilities

A new national plan launched by NHS England today vows to support people with learning disabilities to lead more independent lives and have greater say about the support they receive.

[Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities] 30-10-2015

Launch of IAPT Positive Practice Guide for Learning Disabilities

This guide sets out some practical steps that IAPT practitioners can take to ensure equality of access to mental health services for people with learning disabilities.

[Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities] 17-09-2015

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