My Diary Software

Supporting a client with a learning disability and other complex needs can often entail support delivered by a number of support workers, family members, and involved professionals.

We wanted to address the essential requirements of the client, staff, families, involved professionals, and commissioners for having transparency of the service delivered, accessible quality monitoring and measureable outcomes. We wanted to be able to demonstrate that we provide a consistent, reliable approach..

We can now meet these requirements and clearly demonstrate the service and support delivered due to the development and use of our own software tool MyDiary.

MyDiary is a sophisticated software tool that gives the illusion of simplicity at the client/user end, with a colourful interface and simple "drag and drop" icons, but incorporates a host of features that allows us to record and report on every aspect of our service delivery.

MyDiary is now live and delivering real results, in real time, for a wide range of our clients. Hundreds of support workers have been trained and are using the system with the clients, providing valuable feedback to ourselves, friends, families, care managers and commissioners. You can hear more about the vision of MyDiary, and see it in action, by watching the video below.

By enabling our support team and clients to monitor their activities, and feed back the outcomes of the day - online and as it happens - both our office team as well as our clients' families and circle of support are now able to see what is happening in the lives of their clients or loved ones, at any given point in time. This is subject to confidentiality and access agreements with the client, as their wants are paramount and we will ensure MyDiary enhances the support of their goals and does not hinder their independence.

MyDiary - it's completely innovative, the first of its kind, and is an exciting interactive assistive technology in these changing times.

To see a demonstration of MyDiary, please contact domiciliary care provider The Care Division on 01202 724900.