Brain Injury Support (ABI Care & Support)

The term "Acquired brain injury" is often abbreviated to ABI and covers any occurrence of a brain injury since birth, and includes traumatic brain injury as well as tumours, brain haemorrhages, strokes and other injuries to the brain. As the brain is involved in everything we do, any injury to it can cause a very wide range of effects which can be cognitive, behavioural, physical, and emotional. These impairments are uniquely manifested in each individual.

We work extremely closely with the healthcare professionals who have been involved in the initial rehabilitation process with the individual in order that our support can be seamlessly matched to the routines that are already in place. Client-specific training is facilitated by using our in-house trainers who will build a training module unique to the individual, so that anyone newly introduced to the support package is fully equipped to support the individual's needs.

Our role is to ensure we support the enrichment of people's lives and to support individuals to regain skills that have been lost or impaired. We will support an individual to find ways of helping them to re-connect with themselves and others and regain levels of independence. Although complete recovery to life before the injury is sometimes not possible, many challenges will be overcome and milestones will be achieved as we support the person to reach their goals.

Following a referral, an assessment is undertaken and a package of care and support is proposed to address the current needs and set goals and outcomes. Details of the support and the cost of this will be provided.

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